Black History Essay Contest


Middle School
High School
First Place: C. Benjamin James
Second Place: Chelsea Brown
Third Place: Micaiah Burke

Honorable Mentions:
Sameerah Wilkins-Brown
Ryan Wilkins
Kayden Howard
Kamora Gaines
First Place: Jesse J. James
Second Place: Brianna Blackshear
Third Place: Sydney Keaton

Honorable Mentions:
Sean Wilkins
Takai Howard
Kiyah Day
Kasey Clark
First Place: C. Milton James
Second Place: Mikaya Piercy
Third: Ryan Piercy-Reaves


In 1619, the first group of African indentured servants landed at the James Colony in VA. This year marks the 400th Anniversary of Black African coming to America. Of course, what started as indentured servitude would eventually lead to 12 million slaves being kidnapped from Africa and 10.5 million making it to these shores. Our essays this year will honor our ancestors who paved the way for us.

Elementary Grades 3-5:
1 page written or 1/2 page typed
What traditions of your family remind you that we are an African people What does your family do that makes you feel like a black person?

Middle School Grades 6-8:
2 pages written or 1 page typed
If 12 Million slaves left Africa and only 10.5 million made it to America, 1.5 million African perished in the Middle Passage. What is the Middle Passage? What were conditions like on slave ships? Were there any slave ships that were taken over by rebellion?

High School Grades 9-12:
4 pages written or 2 pages typed
North America wasn’t the only place where Africans were taken. What is the African Diaspora? Write about another country that has a strong black population of decendents of slaves. Were there any countries where slaves rebelled and won their freedom?

All typed papers should be double-spaced. Essays should include your name and grade level. Spelling, grammar, and originality are important. Essays should be turned into Sister Dian Pringle by Sunday, February 10. The winners will be announced on African Heritage Sunday, February 24.